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Getting Started.

It’s easy. We’ll walk you through step-by-step. No contracts.

Step 1.

Website Installation

First, add a website installation to your cart. We’ll get everything up and running for you and send you some training material to get your started. You’ll have a professionally designed and configured website up and running on an optimized wordpress platform in no time.


  • Blog
  • Contact Page
  • Events Module
  • Portfolio Module
  • Theme Installation & License
  • Plugin Installation & Configuration

*Also requires a monthly membership fee of $29/mo. Memberships include hosting, updates, backups, and security.

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Step 2.

Choose Your Page Designs

With every installation, you receive a copy of our current demo site content. You’ll have fully designed pages, ready for you to edit with your own unique content. If you want some help getting that content implemented, we’ll be there to answer your questions and provide training. If you want us to implement the content for you, that’s no problem either! Just select the page designs you want us to complete for you from the following list and we’ll take care of the rest.

Check out our demo site

Home Page Design

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Visitor Flow

Guide your visitors along a strategic process to get them in your door and connected.

I’m New!

The “I’m New!” page gives someone who is considering visiting your church a clear view of what the experience is like. It tells them what is most important to you and ideally features captivating photography that will get them to want to experience it first hand.

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Plan A Visit

Once a potential visitor has decided to plan an in-person visit to your church, they need a place to help them decide when and where to go and maybe even get a little head start on connecting with a host who can show them around.

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Next Steps

When someone has been coming to your church for a few weeks, they might still not really know what the best “Next Step” is for them. We take this page as an opportunity to highlight the biggest, most important steps you believe people can take at this point in their journey.

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You need a place for people who are really connected to your church to continue to respond to next steps, see the church calendar, sign up for events, and engage with your church. This page is the one place where you can have them do it all.

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Organizational Pages

Every organization needs structure. These are some of the most common pages we use to help people see the big parts of that structure.


Yes, you do need a place for all the details about your church. Who is on staff? What is the vision? Why is it important? What are your beliefs? We like to put all those details on one page and make it easy for people to navigate to the important information they are looking for.

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Give Online

Churches are built on the generosity of their people. This page will allow you to receive donations online. Requires third-party payment processing. (We recommend

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Small Groups are an important part of any church. From classes to support groups to common interest groups and study groups, you need a place to explain how these groups function and how they can find a group to join.

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Sermons are the best piece of content you have to distribute. They are a large part of the worship experience, so guests like to know what they preaching is like before they commit to visiting. Our sermons page works with the portfolio module to give you access to unlimited sermons and series. This page is where all that begins.

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Getting Involved

These pages support your mission to get people involved in your church and in serving in general.


This single page gives an overview for serving in a similar context to the great commission. Explain to your people how they can serve in the church, beyond your walls in the city you are called to, and around the world.

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Organizations are run by teams who specialize in very specific areas, and your church is no different. This page is a great place to explain how your teams are structured and provide some basic information about each team involved in making things happen at your church.

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Our City

Your church has been planted where it is to love and serve the city you are in. This page helps to explain the ways you serve your community. It also helps with your local Search Engine Optimization so that when people in your town search for church, you will have an opportunity to invite them into your services.

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Our calling reaches to the farthest ends of the earth. This page will explain how your specific church is answering that calling.

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Family Matters

These pages will show your website visitors how you engage and support the family.


Family is important, and people need to have a place where they can learn about how kids are handled in your services, what kinds of family support your church can offer, and even where to find information on weddings and funeral services.

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Spiritual Needs

Meet the spiritual needs of your people by providing ways for them to engage spiritually on your website.

Meet Jesus

Tell Us Your Story

Request Prayer


Additional Content

Meet the spiritual needs of your people by providing ways for them to engage spiritually on your website.





Step 3.


Don’t worry. You can always add more page designs later. This is just what we need to get started.

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